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"I'd like to show my gratitude to Prof. Donal Bradley, Dr. Najah Ashry, Prof. David Keyes and Dr. Jun Abrajano for the excellent oversight and supervision of this year's G20 and Science 20. I further extend my acknowledgement and appreciation to each KAUST faculty and staff member who has participated in the G20 and S20 in one way or another. Such a process cannot be successfully fulfilled without a diverse set of contributors from different departments.

We have shown that an outstanding university like KAUST can provide critical input to world leaders for Realizing Opportunities of the 21st Century for All. We have contributed our deep understanding of research, science and innovation, and our world-class talent to the broader goals of the G20 Presidency: Empowering People, Safeguarding the Planet, and Shaping New Frontiers. 

Thank you."

- Dr. Tony Chan, KAUST President

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